is operating legally in the Greek territory (L. 4002/2011, No. 50&12).

Based on the L. 4141/2013 as published at FEK Α' 81, the following taxation is applied on the users’ net profit:

  • Net profit of columns up to and including 100€ = tax free
  • Net profit of columns from 100,01€ up to 500€ = 15% tax (on the amount exceeding 100€ of non-taxable net profit)
  • Net profit of columns from 500,01€ and over = 20% tax (on the amount exceeding 500€ of non-taxable net profit)

*The value of each column on is 0,10€. The taxation of net profits is imposed incrementally per column. Commonly, non-taxable net profit applies up to €100 per column (per €0,10) i.e. for net profit up to €1000 per €1 bet.